Incorporation & Open bank account

No need to travel to Hong Kong, these services are all online from company formation to bank account opening.

International or out of Hong Kong bank account is a bank account being opened in a different jurisdiction than where the company is incorporated.

With international bank account, you can do your banking in multiple currencies without losing any money through currency conversion fees, obtain debit or credit card linked to different currencies, set up automatic bill payment in more than one currency, enjoy discounted international payments and special investment opportunities. Through online banking you have non-stop and easy access to your finances from any place in the world.

Startupr Incorporation
3 - 5 days to set up yours company.
Approximately 3 hours (we guarantee 24 hours company formation) to deliver to you the Certificate of Incorporation and the Business Certificate. If a corporate body (other than a natural person) has been appointed as a director and/or shareholder of the company, it cannot apply for expedited incorporation services. If more than six directors or six shareholders have been appointed for the company, it cannot apply for expedited incorporation services.
Registered office (Mailing address)
Startupr must be appointed as a company secretary. It covers regular post from Government of HK.
Business Address $ 380 USD, per Year + $ 95 USD Credit USD (55 USD Regular Mail , 5 USD per Scan, DHL 95 USD) The right to use our address for government and business matters.
Your commercial address (physical office place) in Hong Kong. If you don't have one, choose REGISTERED OFFICE PLAN.
Required services
Below fees are required by the Company Ordinance.
CR Incorporation and IRD - Business License.
Annual return (list of officers & directors) must be filed within 42 days of the anniversary of initial registration date, $ 105 USD ( 25 US$ gov. fee). We remind you of this requirement by email 1-2 months before the due date (Mandatory with company secretary service).
Bank account opening
You can choose from the following banks (no need to travel): CIM Banque (Switzerland), Bank of Cyprus (Cyprus), ABC Banking (Mauritius), Europacbank (Puerto Rico), Atlantic International Bank (Belize). Personal meeting is required: OCBC Singapore (meeting in Singapore). For offshore bank account openings, no need to be physical present in the country (except specified above). Application will be made through e-mail and / or registered mail. We make sure that the application is filled out correctly and will do a proper bank introduction as banks usually cooperate through their agents such as Startupr. BANK ACCOUNT OPENING DISCLAIMER: Be aware that banks reserve the right to decide whether to open a specific company account. Startupr itself is neither responsible nor liable for any bank’s decision. Although customers may succeed in opening certain bank accounts within 15 working days, most of our clients normally enjoy company account opening within 15-20 working days once the banks receive full due diligence. In some cases, if a bank requires further information, or a local holiday occurs, there can be several days’ delay. If you hire Startupr services to assist you with the bank compliance, please be aware that we spend time on consulting and preparation for your particular case. As we are not responsible nor liable for any of the bank’s decisions, all fees paid shall not be refundable under any circumstances once the introduction is made. Startupr reserves the right of the final decision in case of any dispute. Please note again that all bank account opening and decisions are made solely by the banks, and Startupr does not take responsibility for the bank’s decisions.
Insert the company name you wish to register or reserve and you will receive a message immediately whether the intended name is free to use or not.
Name is available This name seems to be unavailable, however we will work with you to find the best alternative that is available.
Unfortunately we couldn't verify your company name at this moment. Please proceed with your order and will will assist you further with your company request.

The Hong Kong company regulation does not require that 1 share must be worth of 1 HKD. A limited company must have at least one founder member with at least one share of the company. It is the total share capital available and registered for the company. The founding members are not required to submit the share capital amount to the government nor into the company bank account. They may choose to deposit this amount into the company bank account later on, but are not required to by law when incorporating the company.

Registered office

Your commercial address (physical office place) in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong SAR China
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