HONG KONG company formation and registration (Option 3)

Startupr has an open price policy and we charge our client exactly for the service they order. We have been in incorporation services since 2001 are experienced enough to offer you reasonable prices. If you both are a Hong Kong resident and have a Hong Kong address then you will just need the Incorporation service for your business in Hong Kong. With this, you will pay less. Customize the order form accordingly and pay only for what you really need.

Includes all of Options 1 & 2, plus submission of your annual return, and postal delivery of all hardcopy CR registry documents to whatever address you wish.

Below fees are required by the Company Ordinance
3 - 5 days to set up yours company.
CR Incorporation and IRD - Business License.
Annual return (list of officers & directors) must be filed within 42 days of the anniversary of initial registration date, $ 105 USD ( 25 US$ gov. fee). We remind you of this requirement by email 1-2 months before the due date (Mandatory with company secretary service).
Registered office
Startupr must be appointed as a company secretary. It covers regular post from Government of HK.
Your commercial address (physical office place) in Hong Kong. If you don't have one, choose REGISTERED OFFICE PLAN.
Certified Copy Of Documents
For each bank meeting, you will need one set of company documents certified by CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or order Apostilled documents, which might be used, multiple times for every bank meeting. Government bodies or financial institutions accept the certified documents within a certain period of time, usualy from 3 to 9 months from issuance. Otherwise you might order a Certificate of Incumbency to support the current company structure.
Regular filing takes 5-10 working days. You can use these documents for opening bank account in HSBC Hong Kong branch.
Postal fees of certified copy of incorporation documents.
Bank account opening
I will schedule an appointment with Hong Kong bank. Guidelines will be provided. Your Hong Kong entity must be set up prior to scheduling a meeting with the bank. The meeting with the bank must be set up 10-15 days in advance. This service is free of charge. Our online posts will guide you through the process how to make an appointment with the bank. We can help you to schedule a meeting with Hang Seng bank, OCBC Wing Hang or Standard Charter (we would need 10-15 working days to make an appointment). The banks always need to confirm your meeting.
Insert the company name you wish to register or reserve and you will receive a message immediately whether the intended name is free to use or not.
Name is available This name seems to be unavailable, however we will work with you to find the best alternative that is available.
Unfortunately we couldn't verify your company name at this moment. Please proceed with your order and will will assist you further with your company request.

The Hong Kong company regulation does not require that 1 share must be worth of 1 HKD. A limited company must have at least one founder member with at least one share of the company. It is the total share capital available and registered for the company. The founding members are not required to submit the share capital amount to the government nor into the company bank account. They may choose to deposit this amount into the company bank account later on, but are not required to by law when incorporating the company.

Registered office

Your commercial address (physical office place) in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong SAR China
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